Nana to Kaoru (YA) 54

And here’s chapter 54/76!


That’s all for now, but you can be sure there will be more. Thanks for reading!

Nana to Kaoru (YA) 53

They haven’t given up on the Young Animal chapters either. Here’s chapter 53/75.


One more to go…

Nana to Kaoru (Arashi) 24

Finally, Arashi ch 24! More festival time:


Some of you have probably wondered whether Terra and Spartacus had given up the ghost. Well they haven’t, and Terra just threw a small handful of chapters at me to post. I’ll be putting them up now in separate blog posts, because that’s how I roll.

Nana to Kaoru (YA) 52

Spartacus and Terra, Vox and Anifreik have brought together another chapter for you all! I’ve nothing to add, here you go:


Nana to Kaoru (Arashi) 23

Aaaand here’s the latest chapter from Arashi!


I’m also told the next chapter of YA, 52, will be ready in a few days. Despite there being no new raws published this week, it’s still a pretty good week!

Nana to Kaoru (YA) 51

A.k.a. chapter 73. Another release brought to you by Spart, Terra, JGM and Vox. Looks like the breather is finally in full swing!


The next release from Arashi is also right around the corner. Stay tuned.

Nana to Kaoru (YA) 50

I’d be a jerk if I didn’t get this post up this weekend, when the only thing I had to do was package it. Thanks again go to Terra and Spartacus, JGM and Vox.


Nana to Kaoru (YA) 49

So, sometime in the last couple days, Terra dropped this in my inbox to post. It’s the chapter 49 that I’d clearly forgotten about.:) Seems he even got JGM and Vox to work on this chapter, but it’s translated by Spartacus, obviously. Thanks to all those people.


He also added a note: “if you could add in a message from us that we will be doing the remaining chapters in a bundle release as soon as they are ready to post as well as continuing with Arashi as it comes out.” Something to look forward to!

Nana to Kaoru (Arashi) 22 by Terra

I have nothing to say about this one because I haven’t even read it yet! But I bet it’s awesome! Thanks to Terra and Spartacus, and the others who help them out. They’ll stay on top of things, and I’ll keep posting their releases here.


As for an update on the “ecks” part of the team… Obviously things don’t look too encouraging right now, do they? I’ve said before: I’m not giving up scanlation for good, any more than I’m quitting gaming or my other hobbies, but the fact is I don’t have the time or will lately to devote to it, nor in the near future. (It looks like my day job will have me working through the weekends for a while. Bleh.) Terra and Spart have offered a helping hand to a certain extent, and it annoys me to leave my own ch49 half-done… But I dunno, I’m pretty much out of the game for now. I’d say it’s not a “farewell” but a “don’t wait up for me!”

But anyway, keep coming by for Terra’s Arashi chapters, and any further developments!

Nana to Kaoru (Arashi) 21 by Terra

Well at least one of us is still getting work done around here, am I right? Thanks to Terra and Spartacus for still handling the new Arashi chapters.

The title is once again a reference to a comedy/variety TV show, or actually a whole suite of series: the original was “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Always Funny Stories”, and all its spin-off series had names of the form “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s ____ Stories,” like “Scary Stories” or “Unforgivable Stories,” etc. So pretty soon, people started referring to all of the shows as “Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Blank-Blank Stories.”


What’s the status on YA chapters? Well, evidently, I’ve sorta thrown my hands up in the air for a while. I haven’t actually rage-quit; I expect to come back and continue as planned, at some pace. I just fell into an unexpected breather away from manga. More later.